MRD’s Annual Report 2023

Dear valued partners,
Mari’s Board of Directors, we are honored to present to you our 2023 Annual Report. We are proud
that we have made great strides in our mission to empower Syrians and support communities in
northeastern Syria through economic empowerment, protection programs, agriculture, education,
and business development.

Over the past year, we have worked tirelessly to identify and address the challenges facing Syrians,
especially those in vulnerable situations, and contribute to the efforts of other partners to mitigate
the catastrophic effects of the Syrian war. Our team has implemented a range of programs to meet
the needs of the local population and provide them with the tools to become self-sufficient and

Our empowerment programs have been successful, helping to create sustainable livelihoods for
Syrians through skills training and market linkages. We have also worked to address protection
issues, such as gender-based violence and child protection, and provided much-needed assistance
to those affected by conflict.

Full Report Here

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